Felecia Mimler-Prusak

Felecia Mimler-Prusak — Aesthetician

A true native, Felecia was born and raised right here in Central Oregon!

From the time she was 15, Felecia has always been so intrigued by natural beauty and ways to enhance & nourish the body for clear, glowing skin. With making a lot of her own products and experimenting with different brands she found what worked for herself & has the passion and drive to help people feel confident in their own skin as well!

She never thought about aesthetics as a career, instead choosing to fallow another one of her passions for food and cooking; entering in the field of Culinary. With the love she has for people and socializing restaurant life was where she felt at home. Having stepped into a restaurant where she was fortunate enough to serve in the mornings and be the lead cook in the evenings was always satisfying for her. Getting to mingle with her regulars during the day and tune into her creative side while cooking at night!

In 2015 she became a mom, which in turn came to be her greatest passion! Felecia stayed at home for 3 years getting to experience those precious moments with her son. In those years, Felecia finally felt she “found herself” and gained confidence that she had never felt before. With the help of amazing women and family around her to support her, she decided to go back to school full time. She attended Premier Aesthetics Institute in Bend, Oregon and hasn’t looked back since.

While attending Premier Aesthetics she fell in love with facials; she explains “something about the touch and being that person who can relax and make someone melt into the bed is an amazing feeling. As humans we naturally need touch and to provide that as well as enhancing someone’s natural beauty is a win win!”